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Point Of View Images by Ron Evans


My name is Ron Evans and I am a professional photographer in Orange County, California.  My specialty is Storytelling Photography.  I enjoy providing this unique experience to my clients as I believe that everyone’s life has a story which deserves to be preserved…To leave a legacy behind so that future generations will be able to see and remember you and learn from you long after you are gone. This is why photography has been so important for me…Creating images and telling Lifelong Stories.


I have been in this industry for quite a long time and have carved a name for myself in Storytelling Photography. I let my clients choose their own preferred locations within a 50 miles radius of Orange County, however, it does not mean, that I do not go beyond that threshold.  When requested, and for a nominal fee, I will happily travel to all parts of Southern California…


Being a professional photographer, there is no better feeling than to see a satisfied look on my client’s face after seeing the album of their Storytelling Photo Shoot that I created for them. It is moments like those that give me the satisfaction that I have done my work quite ably and exceeded my client’s expectations.  It’s this satisfaction that challenges me to continue developing my photography skills.  When someone sends me an email and the first sentence is, “Beautiful, as always. I’m proud you’re our family photographer. “, an ear to ear grin can be seen, as I beam with pride. 


In between working with clients, I prefer to stay home and spend valuable time with my lovely wife and two beautiful daughters ages 5 and 7.   We love to play soccer and be active whenever we can.  It not only keeps us in better shape but also gives us time to bond and grow as a family.

Now, since you know quite a bit about me, I would love you to Contact me and join in on my Storytelling Photography Adventures.


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That’s who I am. I would love to get to know who you are. If you are interested in using me for your photography needs, just go to my Contact page and fill out the form. It's easy to do...and inquiring is FREE.